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The Beat Diet, November 30th

I only remembered to start recording the mix at some point around the Tramps tune, so leading up to that, the show’s mono and low bitrate. So par for the course show, really.

The Beat Diet, November 30th 2017 (mp3 – 63Mb)

Tracklist [

The Beat Diet, November 23rd

I was clearly nowhere near engine, engine number 9 and could not get back on time to the station, so the first few tracks were a repeat of November 9th’s show. So let’s pick it up when I arrived at the station with Debarge, yes? Continuing on the late/disorganized theme, this week’s show is presented in glorious 64kbit mono!

The Beat Diet, November 23rd 2017 (mp3 – 36Mb)

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The Beat Diet, November 16th

We don’t have a theme song here at the Beat Diet, but if we did… Well, we wouldn’t. Not just one anyways. But if we had a pile of them, one of them, just based on the title alone, would be Dynasty’s Adventures In The Land Of Music. Amiright?! Anyways, Funk, hip hop and dance. Same as usual.

The Beat Diet, November 16th 2017 (mp3 – 82Mb, No chatting version)

Tracklist [

The Beat Diet, November 9th

Been a while since I played some drum’n’bass, so here we are busting out some nice classic jungle chunes. Oh, and some hip hop to book end it.

The Beat Diet, November 9th 2017 (mp3 – 82Mb)

[

The Beat Diet, November 2nd

Some soul, hip hop, and other bitties.

The Beat Diet, November 2nd 2017 (mp3 – 82Mb)

Note: I only started recording out of my mixer sometime around the Antibalas song, so the first few tracks are presented in glorious mono sound.

Tracklist [

The Beat Diet, October 26th

Yeah, songs and stuff…

The Beat Diet, October 26th 2017 (mp3 – 79Mb)

Straight out the mixer, so no chatting on this one.

Tracklist [

The Beat Diet, October 19th

Week two. A mellow start, and we pretty much keep it there for the whole show, save the last few tracks where we turn it up, but only half a notch. This one’s straight out the mixer, so no chatting.

The Beat Diet, October 19th, 2017 (mp3 – 83Mb)

Tracklist [

October 12th: Introducing The Beat Diet

A resurrection seemed like a fitting theme to start out this, my very first show on the airwaves of Kootenay Coop Radio, CJLY 93.5 in beautiful Nelson, BC. I actually wanted to try and fit in Back From the Dead from People Under The Stairs, but just couldn’t work it in.

I’d been working on getting a show going in Nelson even before my last one had aired in Calgary but wasn’t sure if it would all come together which is one of the reasons I didn’t drop any hints of it as I was leaving CJSW. And though it seems like I’m just sliding from one to the other, emotionally and personally, it’s definitely the end of one thing and the start of something new. KCR shares some similarities to CJSW since they’re both community radio station, but in many ways they’re worlds apart. The show now airs midday, mid-week (Thursdays at 3pm), and this slot (or any slot at KCR, really) definitely doesn’t have the cachet nor the history that my Friday night one did. No amazing lead-in or follow up. I’m still trying to figure out what the audience is, and what works best for this slot. It’s similar to what it was, but subtly different, and I’ll be tweaking things as I go and get comfortable.

So, new show, new(ish) name. I’ve trimmed the fat, it’ll just be the Beat Diet for now. Hope you like it.

The Beat Diet, October 12th 2017 (mp3 – 26Mb)

Note: this one’s from the logger, so low bitrate and mono sound. Perfect for crappy earbuds, ha!

Tracklist [

Thanks and Gratitude

This won’t mean much to most of you, but trust me, this is seriously blowing up on the texts in the booth at CJSW

I started volunteering at CJSW the year after I moved to Calgary, and I’ve been doing the show in one form or another for near 18 years. I mentioned it briefly during my last show, but pretty much every good thing that happened to me in Calgary happened to me because of my ties to CJSW. It’s been an absolutely huge part of my life for the last two decades. For example, for a while I was part of the CJSW executive, helping out with web stuff. We’d meet weekly on Mondays in the CJSW offices to check on the status of various projects, but this one week for whatever reason we decided to meet at Broken City. The meeting ended pretty early but I was hungry so I stuck around the bar and ate dinner. I’d recently started DJing there because a friend of a friend (who I met at CJSW, natch) dropped my name to the then-owner (who had a show on CJSW). Not much after I finished dinner that night, I met the woman who would become my wife at the bar. I wouldn’t have been there other than because of CJSW. I’ve actually got several more stories a lot like that one.

I mention this just to give a slight glimpse into the effect that CJSW has had on my life. The station and the people directly involved is one thing, but there’s also the listeners. It’s been such a joy to be invited into the living rooms, kitchen, cars, bedrooms of listeners and be able to share music with you all. I’ve loved every moment of it and am incredibly thankful and grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Leading up to and during my last show, many of you reached out to me via email or text and those messages were incredibly powerful. I think a lot of community radio DJs have kind of an abstract idea of who their listeners are, and we tell ourselves, “If I only reach one person, it’s all worth it.” I mean we tell ourselves that because the truth is we’d do it regardless because it’s not about who we reach, our ego or anything even remotely that, it’s just about passion for music and wanting to share the joy that these songs bring us. Regardless, that night I was able to hear from a lot of you, and it made it all worth it and more. I don’t really have the words to express it, but thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Some sample messages…

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The Last Fat Beat Diet – Audio from September 15, 2017


After laughter comes tears… Me, during pretty much the whole show…

I’ve kind of been avoiding writing this one up because my general modus operandi is to stuff my feelings deep down and never let them see the light of day, so the fact that they were on display for everyone to hear here made this show that much tougher for me.

Troof right there… I was a blubbering fool for most of the show. So for everybody’s sake, I’ve edited out most of all spoken bits out of this mix, because I actually really really like the mix here, especially in the context of a last show.

The Last Fat Beat Diet, most crying removed… September 15th 2017 (mp3 – 81Mb)

If you’re curious, you can probably check out the archives on (no, don’t. really…). The mix here is a nice mix of goodbye, I don’t want to leave, i’m leaving, and breakup songs. Then some love and gratitude songs. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and especially happy I didn’t short out the mixer with salty tears.

Tracklist [

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