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The Beat Diet, July 12th

Today on the menu: some vintage downtempo, drum’n’bass, funk and hip hop.

The Beat Diet, July 12th 2018 (mp3 – 106Mb)

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The Beat Diet, July 5th

Playing some live Erykah Badu has me reminiscing about the time I travelled to Oakland to see The Roots and Erykah Badu play. I was so hyped to see the Roots live again! We got to the venue fashionably late and to my dismay found out that not only were the Roots NOT headlining the show, but that we’d missed most of their set already! No matter, Erykah Badu came on and absolutely killed it. If you ever get the chance to see her perform live, don’t miss out.

Anyways, today on the show – some RnB, funk, reggae, hip hop and disco.

The Beat Diet, July 5th 2018 (mp3 – 107Mb)

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The Beat Diet, June 28th

Funk, hip hop, more funk, disco, house.

The Beat Diet, June 28th 2018 (mp3 – 91Mb)

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Kootenay Co-op Radio Membership & Funding Drive 2018
The Beat Diet, June 21st

Well, it’s another Funding Drive show. This year, not knowing too much what to expect, I kept the lead-up pretty low key (read: non-existent) so there wasn’t much noise about it here and on my social channels either leading up to, or after Kootenay Coop Radio’s 2018 Membership and Funding Drive, but we’ll probably amp things up again for this next year because I think we can do better ;)

Having said that, if you’re not already a member and would like to become a member of Kootenay Co-op Radio, there’s not time like the present.  Get some. Or if you just want to donate without becoming a member, that’s cool too. KCR is volunteer-run, community-powered radio and we live and die by our community support.

And if you’re feeling particularly masochistic, you can listen to me pitch for 2 hours on the benefits of community radio and becoming a member.

The Beat Diet, June 21st 2018 (mp3 – 57Mb)

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The Beat Diet, June 14th

I would really like to find a bangin’ remix of some Level 42 tracks. If you know of any, hit me up!!! Anyways, Level 42’s always been somewhat of an 80s pop guilty pleasure for me, ever since this album came out and I was sneaking listens from my older brother’s CDs. Now that we’ve moved to CJLY, I feel I have a bit more license to play some more pop-oriented songs, so they might sneak into the mix every now and then. It’ll still be a rare occurrence, but it’s nice to at least have the option, ya know?

This week, the show starts off in a house-y mood before dropping some uptempo 80s joints and then shifting gears into some hip hop for the last third or so of the show.

The Beat Diet, June 14th 2018 (mp3 – 100Mb)

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Happy Birthday, Prince!
The Beat Diet, June 7th

I had been noticing people posting Prince tunes all day in my social media feeds, so I guess is sorta stuck with me deep down in my cranium and I ended up spinning one of my favourite Prince songs near the very end of the show. It’s only after the show that I realized that June 7th was in fact his birthday and he would have been 60 this year. I’m happy I managed to squeeze one in, but had I realized it earlier, I probably would have indulged in a few more of his songs.

Other than that, a pretty wide-ranging show, as is becoming my habit on these lovely 2hr journeys.

The Beat Diet, June 7th 2018 (mp3 – 110Mb)

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The Beat Diet, May 31st

I left the first half hour off this show since it’s basically Side A of The Northern Touch’s Wasabi Tape. We pick things up with Tom Misch. Then it’s a nice mix of old hip hop and funk, straight Beat Diet style (with some really poor attempts at making some tracks more radio friendly.  So if you’re wondering why the sound cuts out right after some swearing, well… that’s why…).

The Beat Diet, May 31st 2018 (mp3 – 89Mb)

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The Beat Diet, May 24th

Hip hop, a “Light My Fire” set, and some house to end off the show.

The Beat Diet, May 24th 2018 (mp3 – 114Mb)

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The Beat Diet, May 17th

Starting it off this week with some Latin tunes before dropping into some funk and soul. Some hip hop and a Rowpieces bootleg provide the segue into some drum’n’bass and we pretty much stay there for the rest of the show, letting me drop a whole pile of classic jungle pressure.

The Beat Diet, May 17th 2018 (mp3 – 110Mb)

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The Beat Diet, May 10th

Nice wide-ranging show this week as we stretch out over two hours for some funk, breaks, acid jazz and hip hop.

The Beat Diet, May 10th 2018 (mp3 – 10Mb)

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