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Drums Please! The Beat Diet, July 4th 2024

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince back in the day...

Weather’s getting warm, so it’s time to bust out the summer tunes. Anyone else notice Will Smith’s been doing more music appearances lately? I feel like he’s trying to slum his way back into higher-tier Hollywood standing through that door after being cancelled for slapping Chris Rock…

Anyways, this show’s a show of summer feeling tracks, as well as a small celebration of De La Soul’s Stakes Is High‘s 28th birthday. Special ‘no chatting’ version of the archived show this week as well.

The Beat Diet, July 4th 2024 (mp3 – 18Mb)

Tracklist [

Something Bout Lozen: The Beat Diet, April 25th 2024

Super glad to spend a bit of time this week chatting with bilingual Quebecker and now BC-based eclectic singer-songwriter-rapper-bandleader Lozen. Recently featured in The Nelson Daily, she’s in town recording an album at local studio Hallowed Sound and ending off her stay with a show at Bloom. We touch on her music-making process and recent songs before breaking off into left field.

The Beat Diet, April 25th 2024 (mp3 – 116Mb)

Tracklist [

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