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Month: January 2012

Kickin’ It
The Fat Beat Diet, January 16th

Tonight, we kick it off in a dancing mood, if only to show off some fine uses for a Chicago tune which most Chicago fans don’t even care for. The Bomb, indeed. The build up to the break is ridiculous. In the club version, it doesn’t happen until the 4:40 mark, which is more than minute longer than the entire official video version. I’m not kidding when I say it felt like an eternity on the dancefloor waiting for the break to happen. Interesting trivia: Chicago’s version of Street Player is actually a cover; the track was originally from Rufus and Chaka Khan.

Then we bring on the hip hop: Some new work from Freddie Gibbs and Madlib you should take note of — This tune has been stuck in my head for the last little while.

Then some more hip hop because – true story – you can never have enough Biggie Smalls. Hearing his early demos is awe inspiring. Then, a little kick inspired mix towards the end of the show.

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A New Year Again!
The Fat Beat Diet January 2nd

A little bit of funky stuff to start the show, then a couple of guilty hip hop pleasures from Lloyd Banks and Jon Connor. I think in both cases, I like the beats more than the raps themselves with b.cause flipping the beat for the first track, and Jon Connor flipping a nice Funkadelic break for the next one. We ride some nice funk and hip hop rhythms before speeding up the pace towards the end again. Looking forward to hearing more from Julio Bashmore in 2012 – Well Wishers has been on heavy rotation at the crash pad since I first heard it a few months ago.

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The Fat Beat Diet, Boxing Day 2011

Spent a few minutes of this show messing around with some blends, and playing a bit of hip hop. Nothing says Boxing Day quite like LL Cool J’s ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’.

Started winding it up a little bit towards the end of the show with some more uptempo beats.

I also was filling in for Christoph who does the Robotic Uprising at 11pm on Monday nights. That one started out with more leftfield beats, but we ended up back in hop hop by the end.

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The Robotic Uprising, December 26th 2012 (mp3 – 56Mb)
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