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The Fat Beat Diet, September 10th 2009

Playing a bit of uptempo this week with some nice house before dropping into some electro and baltimore beats, rounding out the set with some dubstep.

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The Fat Beat Diet, September 3rd 2009

Building on the subject of perfection, I had a funny exchange with DJ Shidoshi after tonight’s show. He was listening to CJSW for a few minutes while driving between a few uptown watering holes and happen to catch the one mix I flubbed hard during this week’s show (that O’Jays track can be a bitch… Like many pre- click track funk songs, the tempo definitely wanders on you). How embarrassing! Having one of my DJ buddies, who almost never listens to my show, happen to catch me with my pants down… Ah well, such is life.
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The Fat Beat Diet, August 27th 2009

I strive for (technical) perfection in my mixes and my shows. It’s a high bar to set for myself, which I seldom, if ever, achieve. Take this week’s show for example. I managed to flub at least three mixes throughout the night. Nevertheless, I had a blast putting it together. Hope you enjoy!
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