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Month: August 2012

The Fat Beat Diet, August 13th

Remember last week when I was all smiling about the nice summer we’re having? Well, then this happened…

which led to this…

I could be really pissed but getting mad at acts of nature is pretty futile in the grand scheme of things. Still, it gave me a good excuse to play a classic Grandmaster Flash on my show. The Message is probably one of the main reasons I started listening to hip hop [period]. From the moment I heard that song (I might have been 5 or 6 at the time) i was like ‘WHAT is this and WHERE can I hear more?’ I had a little two-knob AM radio and listened all day and all night trying to hear more stuff along those lines. Sadly, AM radio in Ottawa at the time didn’t play a lot of hip hip so I’d have to wait a few more years to get a steady stream of hip hop. Incidentally, the mix from Crime Cut into The Message on this show is just about what I consider to be a perfect mix for these two tracks. My criteria for a perfect mix vary from track to track, and probably the time of day. It doesn’t happen very often and as a DJ, it’s the holy grail. I can’t even put the words together to explain to you why I think it’s so perfect, all I know is that it lasts all of about 600 milliseconds and it just makes me go ‘awww, yeaah.’

Anyways, let’s get to the show, yes?

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The Fat Beat Diet, August 6th

I ain’t gonna lie, summer in Calgary this year’s been pretty kick ass. The weather’s been bringing a smile to my face each and every week. This is a mix of nice summer hip hop tracks, then a bit of less-hip-hop-but-just-as-summery tracks.

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