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Month: April 2010

The Fat Beat Diet, April 1st

Kinda got behind the 8-ball this week and had to put the show together ahead of time. Must’ve been asleep at the switch though, or else I would have never played Jazzamatazz/Guru’s When You’re Near when I’d already played the same song last week. Oops… According to news reports, Guru’s recently woken from the coma he’s been in for the last little while, stemming from a heart attack, although there are some videos out disputing the ‘official’ line of events. Something rather fishy about the whole thing.

Taking a look at how this show ended up, I should probably give a nod to Skratch Bastid’s 110% mix, who it appears I’ve cribbed liberally from in certain parts of the mix. Totally not on purpose, but given that I’ve been listening to the mix pretty heavily, I shouldn’t be overly surprised that some of the songs from his mix have made it into mine. I hope he doesn’t mind…

Too late! File removed (mp3 – 61Mb)

The Fat Beat Diet, March 25th 2010

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love, love, love Joy Orbison‘s remix of Four Tet’s Love Cry. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the original as well — the 9 minute buildup is epic — but Joy Orbison’s syncopated reworking turns my crank pretty good. Ditto Astronote’s reworking of Mayer Hawthorne’s Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out. Transit from Colossus originally got on my radar via Mark Farina‘s ever solid Mushroom Jazz series. I’d love to catch a Mark Farina set where he sticks to downtempo rather than house, but sadly I think that’s nothing but a pipe dream . Anyways, I loved the playful bounce of the piano loop, but I think Farina must’ve sped the thing up quite a bit on his mix. The original is languid by comparison. Lovely, nonetheless.

Hip hop fans should definitely take a moment and check out the latest from Jake One and Freeway, The Stimulus Package. Ditto for Metawon’s latest, Choplifter (Calgary Peeps: You can catch me spinning along side Metawon for my boy Lawrence’s birthday party/fundraiser on May 1st. I’ll be wicked jet-lagged. Should be fun!). I should mention that on-air, I mistakenly said Underground Realroad‘s album was self-titled. It isn’t: It’s called Slave to the Game. Oops. Oh well, there’s no talking in this mix, so I don’t have to relive the error over and over…

Here’s the show.

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