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Month: December 2010

Stakes and Steaks is High
The Fat Beat Diet, December 2nd

Here at the Fat Beat Diet, we’re mostly about metaphorical diets and fats, but the name does have a basis in the real world as well: We’re unabashed foodies and fans of literal, physical fat — like that of a well cured pig. I’ll occasionally be writing about food over at Slop Press, so if you’re also a fan of good food, please do drop by once in a while. Just in time for the Holiday Season, they’ve got some fine De La Soul-inspired aprons for sale for the hip hop foodie in you (sister site Vancouver Slop also has some fine Biggie-themed T-shirts).

So for the sake of cross-promotion, we started out the show with De La’s Stakes is High and kept it in a hip hop mood for the whole show.

Too late! File removed (mp3 – 59Mb)

The Fat Beat Diet: Extended, November 25th

Super fun extended version of the Fat Beat Diet tonight as Nathan (who does the show after me) came down with the flu. With the extra time, I felt I really had the freedom to roam a little bit. We started out with a James Blake‘s devastating Feist cover, Limit To Your Love. Blake strips the track down and adds some deep bass rumble to shake the tears from your eyes.

The young Brit’s been popping up on all sorts of lists of ‘people to look out for’, and for good reason. Just take a listen to CMYK, which followed on the show – a nice glitchy dubstep experiment which builds satisfyingly around a sparse chopped vocal sample. From there the show rolled through some dubstep and drum’n’bass before settling into some hip hop beats for a sec. I love mixing my favs from the 90s with some current content, in this case courtesy of some fine Canadians such as CJSW’s own DJ Cosm (Free! Single! here!), Calgarian Cinister Cee and ex-Calgarian Lord Marbury aka the Dirty Sample (who’s Joshua’s Dreamixes album has been getting some pretty consistent play on the Fat Beat Diet), and Toronto’s Elaquent (More free stuff here!). Great to see Son of Bazerk back on the rap scene as well (and I’m not the only one who thinks so). Winding up the show at the end with a couple of alphabet rhymes from Papoose and Blackalicious. I really want to throw in 3rd Bass’ comical addition to the meme as well, but as it turns out, I didn’t have it on hand. So here it is:

A few disco breaks groove to finish off the last few minutes of the show. Here’s the show.

Too late! File removed (mp3 – 137Mb)

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