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Month: December 2012

The Fat Beat Diet, December 28th


Remembering Fontella Bass to start of the show tonight, then a nice mix of tasty delights.

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Holiday Road Pops Takeover and Fat Beat Diet, December 21st

This week, we took over the Road Pops to bring you 3 hours of music to kick off a nice holiday weekend. the first part of the Road Pops is some mellow stuff ahead of an interview with Trick Trick. In the second half of the Road Pops, we wind it up through some nice breaks and then some fine house.

For the Fat Beat Diet, we mellow it out with some nice hip hop and funk.

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Road Pops – Part 2, December 21st 2012 (mp3 – 65Mb)

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The Fat Beat Diet, December 14th


20 yrs of Dr Dre’s The Chronic album? Wow, time flies. Other than celebrating this minor milestone, this week on the Fat Beat Diet, we kick off with some nice downtempo beats before winding through hiph op and then on to some nice ragga drum’n’bass at the end of the show.

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The Fat Beat Diet, December 7th

It’s been fun starting it off these last few weeks with some nice uptempo jams. Not sure that’ll always be the case, but it’s been working so far. On the uptempo goodness side, I’m loving everything about this track right now:

The drums, baseline, filtered vocals… Well, maybe the vocals a little less than the rest of the track, but this one’s making my butt wiggle. Also, if you liked the Route 94 track, go get it here.

Speaking of things I’m liking, this Mystikal track came out of nowhere, but big fan of this also.

Pretty nice flow to the show this week. Hope you enjoy it too.

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The Fat Beat Diet, November 30th

I was gonna do a long intro, but got lazy. Here’s the show:

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