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Month: November 2008

The Fat Beat Diet with Special Guests Iron Lion and Ricca Razor Sharp, November 20th 2008

Local emcees and friends of the show Iron Lion and Ricca Razor Sharp drop in to talk about Iron Lion’s upcoming show Nov. 28th at the Palamino in support of his debut solo album, The Eye of Ra. The fun gets under way around the 20:55 mark.

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Extended Fat Beat Diet – November 13th, 2008

Extended edition of the Fat Beat Diet this week as I take over Bassackwards, which usually follows me from midnight until 2:00am. I say usually, but I guess it’s more of a recent development since Post Everything with Stan moved to Monday nights a few weeks ago. Stan’s cool, I’ll miss chatting with him. I think this is the 5th or 6th different show to follow me since I started. I’d make a joke about me being a hard act to follow, but it’s probably just because I smell bad or something.

Anyways, since DJ Pandemic usually plays industrial and metal on his show, I ended up going a bit harder on the latter half of the show. Not sure I managed to please his fans (or mine for that matter), but whatevs: I had fun. So yeah, part 3 is electroclash and dance rock, part 2 is hip hop, and part 1 is mostly downtempo and drum’n’bass.

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The Fat Beat Diet, November 6th 2008

More funk and hip hop…

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