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Month: September 2013

The Fat Beat Diet, September 20th

I felt totally unprepared for this show, and kind of threw it together. I’ve been sick all week, and kind of hard on myself so a couple of questionable song picks and a totally flubbed a mix halfway through the show (though I’ve since removed it in post – yay!) left me feeling less than great about the show. Some days, I walk out of the radio station totally stoked on the show I’ve put together, while other weeks feel more like ‘meh’. This show was definitely one of the latter.

It’s amazing how quick that feeling can turn around though. A few nice comments or emails turn things around really quick, so thanks to those who found parts of this show enjoyable and mentioned it to me.

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The Fat Beat Diet, September 13th

I came across this video in my internet travels this week, and the soundtrack totally grabbed me between the ears, so I had to track it down and share it with you. The video itself is a fun little slice of sunshine as well, as someone puts New York’s bicycle sharing program to work. Given that we’re experiencing such a great late summer, it was nice to start the show with such a great summer vibe song. And ultimately, there was no reason to change up that lovely vibe, so we spent the show driving around town with the windows down, and took a bit of time to sit on the stoop and pop a few brews — basically, just taking it easy musically and playing some mellow late-summer jams.

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The Fat Beat Diet, September 6th

This week, we kicked it off with a bit of hip hop, taking the time to showcase a few hip hop acts who were coming to town next week, namely Action Bronson and Danny Brown and Joey Bada$$. In the end Danny Brown didn’t make it across the border, but I heard both shows were live anyways. Longtime Action Bronson fan here, so any excuse to play one of his tracks is a good one. I can’t front on Strictly 4 my Jeeps, since I’ve been a big fan of EPMD’s Rampage since I bought Business as Usual on tape oh so many years ago (heck, I even played it on the show a few months back). In this interview with some ex-Much Music’s VJ, Action talks a bit about his Strictly 4 my Jeeps track and how it came together with LL at about at the 3:33 mark. The whole interview is actually pretty decent.

After the hip hop, we wind it up quickly into some dance beats. My old DJ partner Shidoshi was in town visiting from overseas, so I must have got a bit nostalgic since I dropped a few classic tracks from our early 2000’s sets, namely the Chicago and Kings of Tomorrow tracks.

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