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Month: May 2011

The Fat Beat Diet, May 9th 2011

This week’s show has some breaks, funk and hip hop.

And just like that, we’re finally up to date again – just in time for me to get behind…

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First Monday Night Show – All Funk and Soul
The Fat Beat Diet, May 2nd 2011

Just like the title says, all funk show for our first Monday night. Tracklist coming soon…

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The Last Thursday Night Show
The Fat Beat Diet, April 28th 2011

Special 2 hour long-player ahead of our move to Monday nights. Starting it out with some nice D’n’B, then into some classic acid jazz stuff and relatively more recent broken beat (early millennium for the latter, early 90’s for the latter) for the second half hour. Then we dropped it into some hip hop and breaks for the last hour. Enjoy.

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We’re On The Move
New Timeslot Starts Tonight 8:30pm – 10:00pm

We’ve got a new time!

The Fat Beat Diet is now on
Mondays from 8:30pm to 10:00pm.

Hopefully now that it’s a bit earlier, you can all stay up to listen. Also, back to an hour and half. Hooray!

The Fat Beat Diet, April 21st

Starting off with some nice local heat from Dominic Pierce and A-Mac, then a few blippy joints. Don’t sleep on Montrealer Jacques Greene either. Then drop into the usual hip hop styles ahead of this weekend’s Raekwon concert.

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Tracklist [

The Fat Beat Diet, April 14th
All vinyl throwback

My Artifacts 12

Tying in with CJSW’s Record Store Day, this week we dug deep into the crate and selected the finest records for an all-vinyl show. And by “dug deep into the crate and selected the finest records,” I mean I grabbed the nearest stack of records and brought ’em to the station and tried to put together a show. My vinyl collection is in various states of disorganization and I never managed to get it quite organized since my move nearly 2yrs ago. Now that I’m moving to a bigger place in a few weeks, I’ve got high hopes of finally getting things straightened out so that the collection is more er, accessible . Look out for more vinyl in the coming months.

Anyways, going back to vinyl does seem a bit of a step back, I’ve gotten used to the convenience and tricks with Serato, but there’s a lot of gems I never managed to get off of those nice black platters and into 1’s and 0’s.

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The Fat Beat Diet, April 7th

This one starts out with some nice drum’n’bass before settling into some hip hop via dancehall. Had to drop a bit of Mobb Deep after reading about the latest sample discovery (check the anatomy of a sample). Then dropped a few off of Ghostface Killah’s recent Apollo Kids album, which I’m groovin’ on of late.

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Tracklist [

DJ Cosm Interview
The Fat Beat Diet, March 31st

DJ Cosm - I stole this pic from

This week, DJ Cosm drops by the studio to talk about his recent solo project. The DJ/Producer for local act Dragon Fli Empire has just dropped his debut full length, entitled Time and Space and popped in to chat about the album and his upcoming CD release party. The album features top notch beats and heavy hitting guests such as Craig G, Insight, Prince Po in addition to (relatively) local talent such Kazmega, Metawon, Cam the Wizzard, Touch, and Nato. Go buy it!

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