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Month: February 2023

03/93 ’til Infinity: The Beat Diet, February 9th 2023

Continuing our Black History Month festivities this week on the Beat Diet. We start it off paying our respects to one of the greatest to ever step behind the boards, J. Dilla. Then we step back 20 years to play a set of 2003 hip hop. Then a couple Canadian tracks from 1998, and then we take it back 30 years for a set from 1993, possibly one of the greatest years in hip hop releases. Despite cramming as many tracks as possible into the last 40 minutes,  I couldn’t believe how many amazing songs I had to leave off.

The Beat Diet, February 9th 2023 (mp3 – 123Mb)

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Letter to the Old School: The Beat Diet, February 2nd 2023

Had to kick things off with something from the recently released Farewell, My Friend (Available for free download). It’s been so heartwrenching watching (from afar) as Thes One moves through the stages of grief over the loss of his dear friend, Double K.

Then, a little bit of hip hop before kicking it old school for the second half of the show as we celebrate Black History Month.

The Beat Diet, February 2nd 2023 (mp3 – 129Mb)

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