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Month: November 2013

The Fat Beat Diet, November 22nd

Kicked it off with some nice 80s vibes this week before dropping it down into some hip hop. We talked a bit last week about all the crazy hip hop albums that came out in ’93. Well, this week it was Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, so you know I had to drop a ‘lil bit of that in the hip hop set. Plus a whole bunch of other goodness.

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The Fat Beat Diet, November 15th

This is the second half of the Road Pops for the week, plus the regular Fat Beat Diet, seeing as both shows flowed right into one another this week.

I’ve fascinated by the intersection of two songs. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Timing is important: ride the mix a little too long and you run the risk of ruining the mix because of song changes, not to mention the mix running away from you. I tend to like pushing my luck with the length of my mixes, but it came back to bite me in the ass a few times this week.

A lot of DJing is experimentation, throwing a couple things together and seeing if you like the result. Now that I’m pretty much retired from the DJ game, I don’t get the chance to experiment a lot outside of the show. The downside for you listeners being of course that you get to listen to me miss a few mixes here and there as I try out new mixes. Hopefully it doesn’t detract too much from your enjoyment of the show.

1993 was an absolutely ridiculous year for hip hop. So, this last week we celebrated the release of A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Maurauders and Wu Tang Clan’s Enter the 36 Chambers. After that more musical goodness. Enjoy.

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Road Pops (Part 1), November 15th

Filled in for the Road Pops this week. We had a live performance that was supposed to start pretty early on the show, but because of scheduling and setup, it didn’t end up getting underway until halfway through.

This is the first part of the show, where I was just playing some old soul and funk ahead of Marshall Lawrence‘s in-studio performance (Super nice guy, btw). This is a bit outside what I usually have on the site, but I thought I’d include it anyways, because it’s a nice live set, and the funk songs at the beginning are pretty good too.

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The Fat Beat Diet, November 8th

Logger problems again this week prevented me from putting up the audio file of the show, so the tracklist will have to suffice. Kinda sucks, I actually really enjoyed the show. I’m actually pretty close to just re-playing the whole thing just so I can put it up here for ya’ll. We’ll see…

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Big Funding Drive Thanks



Well, you guys really came through this year. Once everything was counted and added up, The Fat Beat Diet ended up raising $3500. That’s fantastic! I’m humbled and overwhelmed by the support and can’t begin to tell you guys and gals how thankful I am for the success of the Funding Drive this year.

CJSW raised over $220,000 this year, making this the most successful funding drive not only in CJSW history, but in Canadian campus and community station history. You folks are amazing, take a bow.

Hopefully y’all have picked up your swag and downloaded your mixes. I hope you enjoy them!

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