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Month: April 2008

The Fat Beat Diet, April 10th 2008

I was pretty tired last night, and didn’t really bother re-packing my record bag for the show. Subsequently, the show started out with a few platters from what had been the usual Friday night selection at Velvet at the Grand. Sadly that gig is no longer as of last friday. No hard feelings, though — It was definitely hard to see the value when the restaurant was pretty quiet. I’m sure my Saturday compatriot Al Testa and I will still play the odd special event there. I’m glad to no longer have any commitments on Friday nights for the time being. And if all is right in the world, as the restaurant gets busier maybe we’ll end up back there in the near future. There’s a great bunch of folks at both the theater and restaurant. Let me take this opportunity to urge you to check out an upcoming show at the Grand, as well as have dinner at Velvet — The food is excellent.

Anyways, I suspect more of this type of stuff will start creeping back into my show, seeing as I won’t be playing it out on the town any more.

Too late! File removed (mp3 – 83 Mb)

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