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Month: September 2011

The Fat Beat Diet, September 5th 2011

With this wonderful late summer we’ve been having here in Calgary, I thought I’d kick off the show with some nice highlife tracks. Listening to music from hotter climates always warms the heart, I figure. See also: reggae and dancehall, or any latin rhythms.

After some sunny tunes, we move back to Canada for some of my current favourite Canadians.

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The Fat Beat Diet, August 22nd

Stumbled upon some of my old D’Angelo records recently, so I had to open it up with some classic material from his Live At the Jazz Cafe recording. Then a little bit of classic soul and equally (well, maybe equally is stretching somewhat) classic Souls of Mischief. Cabfare, with its cheeky Taxi theme sampling, was an off-album track that became an underground hit for those in-the-know. They recently busted it out for this year’s Rock The Bells LA edition.

Followed it up with another RTB attendee, Nas. I basically use any excuse I can to play Nas. Every and any week that I can… Rocked a bit more hip hop and then took a left turn.

Speeding it up, I had to hit you with a few Katy B tracks. Her album On a Mission peaked at #2 on the UK album charts, but we haven’t heard much about her over here. The album definitely has a pop production sound (read: dense, compressed audio), but with a clearly UK bent, mixing up the beats with dubstep, dnb, and breakbeats. It’s very easy to listen to. At the young age of 22, she’s already got a pretty ridiculous voice. Here she is doing a cover of Maverick Sabre’s Let Me Go, another UK pop song I play a little later in the show.

A couple of more uptempo preface the Maverick Sabre track, and then I had to hit you up with that beat’s inspirational pieces from Portishead and Isaac Hayes.

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