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Month: November 2012

The Fat Beat Diet, November 23rd

Hey, it’s another show. Loving Waajeed’s update on the Art of Noise’s Moments in Love with Make It Boom. Other than that, some nice uptempo heat from Cid Rim. We then roll through some drum’n’bass before dropping down into some hip hop. Mad Child’s Wake Up was my favourite off his newest Dope Sick album, so I was surprised to learn it was the only track on the album which predates his detox. I love the keys on the beat, so I tried to pair it with a few other tracks which feature some nice keys, but to my ears those mixes worked better in my head…

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Official Inaugural Friday Night Show
The Fat Beat Diet, November 16th

We’re movin’ on up to Friday nights, taking over the old musiquarium time slot and kicking off your weekend from 6-7pm

I’ve got a lot of respect for Sideshow Sid and what he’s done with the Musiquarium over the last 20 some odd years. Taking over this time slot feels like a lot of responsibility and I’m definitely aware of all that’s come before me. Having said that, my show will remain my show and longtime listeners probably won’t notice much difference in programming, save for once again lopping a half hour off the running time of the show.

I’m still not 100% sure the move to Fridays is the best move for me personally, but I do think it’s a good one for the station so I hope you all enjoy. I do hope that there are a few up and coming programmers at CJSW who will keep on playing hip hop, funk, and electronica on other nights of the week, because as strong as the Friday night lineup is, it’s a shame that there aren’t more opportunities to hear this type of music outside Friday nights (shout out to my thursday night man, Raj and Funk Senden!) on our airwaves. For that I’m a bit sorry to be leaving Mondays.

Onwards and upwards, I guess. This week’s show treads some familiar funk and hip hop beats.

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Last Monday *Sniff*
The Fat Beat Diet, November 12

Things hadn’t been totally decided yet when I did this show, but now after the fact, i can tell you that yes – this was in fact the last Monday night show for the Fat Beat Diet. Mondays have been fun, and I’m definitely going to miss having 90 minutes to play with but the only constant it seems is change. I want to especially thank my Monday night compatriots, including Chef Wayne, the women from YWSS, and Joan from the Spin Evolution for being such great programmers and very nice people. I can’t believe I’m trading the intelligent discourse of YWSS for the Road Pops. sheesh.

At any rate, this particular show was a blast. A nice uptempo start with some recent favourites before slowing it down into some hip hop for the end.

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