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Mid-Month Mix-Up: Anfernee Rockwell
The Fat Beat Diet, July 17th


The Mid-Month Mix-up is an exceedingly rare (although hopefully I can make it happen a little bit more reliably in the future) feature where I invite some DJs I think are awesome behind the decks at CJSW to lay down an hour of whatever tracks they feel like playing. This week, I was happy to have Anfernee Rockwell step to the plate and drop some tunes. Anfernee’s a long-time member of the Calgary scene; behind the decks and as well as behind the sound boards and grinding the promotion side of things, not to mention being pretty good with a solder iron should your headphones or tech12’s need servicing. Back in the day, he even helped me get one of my early residencies (for Oh Snap! at Sal’s on 17th, in 2003-ish). Anfernee brings some nice funky breaks, house and disco sounds, and if you like the show here, you should definitely check out his soundcloud to download his Jams I Like mixes as well as his new weekly, the DO right, with Sabo Forte at the Ship and Anchor on Thursdays.

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The Fat Beat Diet, September 26th

DJ Fatrok

This week, I was more than happy to welcome local producer/DJ Fatrok to the Fat Beat Diet to let him have a go at selecting and mixing tracks for the show. Aside from being one the nicest, most humble dudes I know, Fatrok also has great taste in music which is abundantly clear in the mix he laid down. It was great spending an hour talking music and dj’ing with him. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Be sure to check out Fatrok’s soundcloud as well.

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Mid-Month Mix-Up: Jon Delerious
The Fat Beat Diet, June 11

Jon Delerious. Photo by Tom Teotico

This week, we had Calgary house music legend Jon Delerious drop in for a little chat and a quick live mix . I’m hoping to make a monthly guest spot a bit more of a regular occurrence on the show, and it was great to have Jon kick things off. Not only is he simply one of the nicest guys out there, he is a master behind the decks – the dude is so smooth! It was an absolute pleasure to have him come down and we at the Fat Beat Diet wish him continued success.

Jon Delerious celebrates 9 years at his residency Tahiti Treat down at Bamboo tonight, so you should definitely go check that out tonight — or any other Friday night for that matter — for a grand ol’ time.

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