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The Fat Beat Diet, September 18th 2008

Looks like i’m finally managing to catch up with the back log of shows here… 1 month’s worth of episodes in the space of 48 hours… not bad. Anyways, I had a lot of fun with last night’s show playing, what else, some hip hop and funk…

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The Fat Beat Diet, September 11th 2008

Geez. Super frazzled show to cap off a super frazzled day.  I was already running late, and when I finally got to the station, I realized I’d forgotten a pretty important piece of the modern djing puzzle back at home. Once I wrapped my head around the keyboard shortcuts, I tried to make the best of it with a bit of hip hop.

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The Fat Beat Diet, September 4th 2008

acid jazz, new hip hop, drum’n’bass and some downtempo to end off the show… what more could you want?

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With Extra Tasty Treats!
The Fat Beat Diet, August 28th 2008

My lovely co-host this week is none other than Alice, one-time host of Meow Mix right here on CJSW (before she moved out of town that is). Long time listeners may even recall that Alice did her CJSW on-air training on the fat beat diet many moons ago, and we couldn’t be happier to have her back on the show spinning a set.

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