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Month: January 2015

The Fat Beat Diet, January 23rd


This week marks the first week where we welcome aboard new on-air sponsors Zoobis. Zoobis is a Calgary-based event ticketing company, among other things. Check out their website for the lowdown. Ultimately, other than some on-air mentions you won’t be noticing much other changes around here. Having said that, it’s nice as a programmer to be recognized as a show worthy of sponsorship.

So on to the show: This week brings some breaks and house, then some hip hop to end things off.

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The Fat Beat Diet, January 2nd 2015.

2015. 2015! geez. Anyways… Always nice to get a bit of love in the twittersphere, especially from station manager Myke Atkinson.

That was before I got into the hip hop, ha ha. Nah, I’m kidding. I know Myke loves the hip hop too.


Towards the end of the show, I took a few minutes to pay tribute to the original King of the Beats, hip hop producer Larry Smith. If you’re not familiar with Smith, this article is an amazing primer.

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The Fat Beat Diet, December 26th part 2

After the spazfest that was part 1 of this week’s show, it’s kind of amazing that I managed to pull it together for part two. Crooka was away, so I took over his show for this week for a pretty straight up Fat Beat Diet. Downtempo, beats, funk, and drum’n’bass — then back to the downtempo and funk.


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Def Jam Celebrates 3 Decades
The Fat Beat Diet, December 26th part 1


I wanted to take the opportunity on the last show of 2014 to celebrate Def Jam’s 30th anniversary, which came and went in 2014.

Def Jam is an absolutely seminal label in hip hop history, and if you’re not familiar with their catalog, it’s time to go research that shit. I’d meant to put together a really tight mix, but completely ran out of time. The mix ended up pretty sloppy. So much so that I considered not even sharing it here, but i’m trying to ease up on my perfectionist tendencies so it’s included below, warts and all.

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If you want to hear some actual quality mixes celebrating this event, you should definitely check out the #defjam30 series of mixes that the label curated. Throughout the month of November, the label put out a different mix each day from a well known dj. I’m a fan of the Spinna one, but the Daddy Rich, Mister Cee, Premier mixes are all good. Ah, hell… just go listen to ’em all.

Just in case you did listen to the show though and are dying to know what a track was, the tracklist is after the jump.

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