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Stakes and Steaks is High
The Fat Beat Diet, December 2nd

Here at the Fat Beat Diet, we’re mostly about metaphorical diets and fats, but the name does have a basis in the real world as well: We’re unabashed foodies and fans of literal, physical fat — like that of a well cured pig. I’ll occasionally be writing about food over at Slop Press, so if you’re also a fan of good food, please do drop by once in a while. Just in time for the Holiday Season, they’ve got some fine De La Soul-inspired aprons for sale for the hip hop foodie in you (sister site Vancouver Slop also has some fine Biggie-themed T-shirts).

So for the sake of cross-promotion, we started out the show with De La’s Stakes is High and kept it in a hip hop mood for the whole show.

Too late! File removed (mp3 – 59Mb)

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  1. cool, keep it up man!

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