No relistening to the show for the week of October 28th. As some of you know, it was the Annual Funding Drive show, so I’ll spare you the torture of having to listen to me talk nearly non-stop for an hour.

Nevertheless, if you were listening, and more importantly, if you took the extra step and pledged to the show, a heart-felt thank you from the bottom of my heart. This year the show raised over $2000! That easily breaks the show’s previous high mark and we managed to do it with a half an hour less time. Kudos to you, my faithful listeners. CJSW managed to raise nearly $190,000 over the course of the week, which is phenomenal. Mind blowing, even. To put it in perspective, over the course of their recent funding drive CKUA raised $580,330, and they run their funding drive for two weeks and over the whole of Alberta, not just the little bit of Calgary that we can reach with our little 4 kilowatt tower (CKUA broadcasts with 100KW in Calgary alone). So nearly $ 200K is really impressive for our little station. Our supporters are second to none, and the everyone at CJSW loves each and every one of you.

I get very few comments on the blog, and even fewer calls in to the show, so it’s really hard to judge how people feel about the show. Really, the only hard metric I have is the amount I raise each year during funding drive. Other show hosts are for the most part in exactly the same boat. During Funding Drive and for the week after, all we do is ask each other ‘How’d your show go?’ which can be translated directly to ‘How much?’ In my mind, $800-$1200 is a very reasonable show total, depending on the time of day and duration of the show (overnighters obviously have the bar set a little lower). Thanks to all of you who pledge for handily blowing my expectations! I hope you enjoy the exclusive mixes I put together as incentives.