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The Fat Beat Diet, July 23rd

After Yeah, What She Said focused their show on Amy Winehouse, Judy Garland, Janis Joplin and Marilyn Monroe we at the Fat Beat Diet had to kick things off with Dusty Springfield’s great cover of Piece of My Heart, a song made popular by Joplin (though originally written for Erma Franklin). After that, we wound it up through some funk songs before dropping into some Amy Winehouse on the 1yr anniversary of her passing.

After connecting Winehouse to Nas, we then made the connection to Main Source, who’s seminal album Breaking Atoms turned 21 this week (Thanks Soul Sides). Then on to some more hip hop before I flubbed a mix out of Q-tip’s Breath and Stop. I was desperately trying to remember the original sample source for the baseline which ends J.Period’s edit but couldn’t remember it on the spot. I knew it was a jazz cat, and for some reason I was trying to come up with Lou Donaldson but played Grant Green instead. Wouldn’t have mattered anyways as the correct answer was Freddie Hubbard and Povo. Next time…

Anyways, then some more hip hop before slowing things down with Zo’s cover of George Michael’s Everything She Wants. I love the way Zo sneak in a bit of MJ into the bridge (The whole EP is available for download on the Foreign Exchange website). Then a great sumer track from Little Dragon and a few more tasty biscuits to end the show (Don’t sleep on Oddisee‘s People Hear What They See).

Too late! File removed (mp3 – 84Mb)

Good Vibrations, indeed.


artist – name [time]
Dusty Springfield – Piece of My Heart [8:29:34 PM]
Lee Fields – Problems
Backyard Heavies, the – Expo 83
6680 Lexington – Feelin’ Alright
Eddy Senay – Ain’t No Sunshine
Amy Winehouse – Half Time
Nas – Cherry Wine (ft amy winehouse)
Nas – Stay ft large professor
Main Source – looking at the front door
Main Source – scratch & kut [9:01:10 PM]
Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm – getting nasty
Main Source – snake eyes
Large Professor – The Mad Scientist(Instrumental)
Large Professor – M.A.R.S. (feat. Cormega, Action bronson, roc marciano and saigon)
Action Bronson – Cliff Notes
Q-Tip – Breath and Stop (J.Period Edit)
Grant Green – Down Here on the Ground
Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortus
Willie Jones III – The Thorn
Zo – Everything She Wants feat. Phonte
SBTRKT – Right Thing To Do [9:31:22 PM]
Joss Ryan – Melancholy Dreams
Lapalux – Moments (Feat. PY)
Chase & Status feat. Liam Bailey – Blind Faith
Little Dragon – Sunshine
Bad Bad Not Good – Fall In Love
Visioneers – Oil & Water feat. Notes To Self
Oddisee – American Greed
Dolla – Make A Toast (instrumental) [9:54:19 PM]


  1. Hi Marco,

    Please check the link to your 30 July 2012 recording MP3. I think the link is broken.

    Your adoring fans want to hear your latest and greatest!


  2. Marco

    August 2, 2012 at 10:25 am

    Ha! I guess it would help if I actually uploaded the show to the server. Done deal, the link the July 23rd show should be working now. July 30th should be up in the next few days too.

  3. Thanks much! It rocks as usual!

    Thank you for the great vibes and my soul source many years strong (On a Fat Beat diet since 2006!)


  4. caught this show on the radio for the first time this week. absolutely amazing.

    will the show from aug 6th be hosted? or maybe a track listing?

    keep up the great work! i love that i can listen to your previous recordings :)

  5. Marco

    August 9, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Hey, Thanks! For sure the show will be hosted and I’ll put it up as soon as I remember to move the tracklisting off my DJ laptop. Maybe tomorrow, but Monday at the latest.

  6. awesome, thanks!

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