I like it when I play a track and then hear it the next day on the Musiquarium (In this case Night Air by Jamie Woon). I like to imagine that Sid heard the track on my show and then played it on his. It’s unlikely since he’s always working on Thursday nights (in fact, I often run into him taking a break outside the Den on the way in to the studio). More likely, we just have a lot of overlapping tastes in music. Night Air in particular has been a huge hit over in the UK, so it’s hardly like we’re digging very deep for that one. Woon placed in the Top 5 of the Beeb’s Sound of 2011 along side another Fat Beat Diet favourite James Blake. At any rate, it’s always gratifying to find out someone likes the same music as you, no matter who they are.

This week I uncharacteristically felt in a Christmas mood so I had to break out the best Christmas album of all time along with a few other favourites (a little late now, but go download Mayer Hawthorne’s version for free). After a few holiday-themed tracks (admittedly, LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells is a bit of a stretch), we run through some funk, hip hop, breaks and bleeps.

Too late! File removed (mp3 – 54Mb)