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New Show Time!
We Start at 10pm Now

With the shuffling of CJSW programming, the Fat Beat Diet has moved to a new time slot. Instead of going from 10:30 to midnight, as we have for the last number of years, starting tonight the show will now air from 10pm to 11pm. Hopefully you can all join us in our new time slot. Because the show’s also losing a half hour, I’m hoping to slightly re-jig the format in order to make the show even tighter, but we’ll see if that actually works out.


  1. Mark S

    Marco, please put out a track list, especially want to know last two songs!!!

  2. Marco

    You Russians are an impatient bunch, aren’t you…

  3. jason

    Still undecided on this new 60 minute format.
    It has cut into some of my favourite shows, yours included. I will wait until I’ve had a chance to hear the new shows. but i’m skeptical.
    anyway, keep up the good work

  4. Jake

    Light saber! It’s the Flavor!

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