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End of an Era (For me, at least)

This Saturday will be my last at my long-running Saturday night residency, The Spread at Broken City. It’s not without some sadness and frustration that I announce this, but on the bright side, I’ve had a lot of fun and good times over the course of the nights almost 5 year run.

If you’d like to join me for one last kick at the can, head on down to Broken City this Saturday, January 30th and we’ll party like it’s 1999. One-time co-DJ and longtime friend Gary Powers will be along to help, just in case I become overcome with tears.

Here’s an open letter I initially posted on facebook to all patrons of the night:

What an amazing 4 and a half years it’s been! Since I started DJing at Broken City in June of 2005, it’s been nothing but an honour and a pleasure to show up every week and share some music with you all.

It seems like barely yesterday, the night was having its tentative beginnings with Joe Chan helping me out. The night progressed quite a big when I teamed up with Gary Powers, but eventually I started holding it down on my own, and I loved mostly every minute of it. With your help, I’ve honed my craft and expanded my music knowledge, all the while having a blast .

The night has managed to persist longer than most DJ nights can ever aspire to, and for that I’m grateful to all who’ve helped along the way. Zak, the owner of Broken City, for initially giving me the opportunity; the staff and management of Broken City, who are some of the most hilarious, generous, and fun-loving people I could hope to spend a Saturday night with; and of course, all of the great regulars and visitors we’ve had over the years.

It is not without some sadness that I take leave from Broken City, but the management has decided they’d like to try something a little different on Saturday nights. What can I say, I’ve had a good run; I wish them the best of luck. And I hope to spot you from behind the decks somewhere down the road.


  1. jason

    hey Marco,

    A friend put me on to this site,, it’s unreal info, and an amazing time killer. I figure you might appreciate this though given some of your musical tastes.

    keep on posting your shows. I can’t listen live anymore, but I never miss a download.


  2. Marco

    Thanks Jason. That’s a cool site, I haven’t been there before. My go-to so far on that sort of stuff is

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