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RIP Isaac Hayes
The Fat Beat Diet, Aug 21 2008

A tribute to Issac Hayes.

Too late! File removed (mp3 – 84 Mb)


  1. Jason

    nice show on isaac. this and the oscar peterson show from last year. its good to pay tribute to these guys.
    except for that Game joint. I hate the Game. there should be rules, if you are gonna sample a PE classic, your track better be dope. his flow is shit.
    I digress.
    thanks Marco.

  2. Marco

    cheers for the props. Definitely had to pay tribute to the greats.

    Re: The Game, I don’t mind him as much as many (most) of his contemporaries. He at least comes across as a fan of hip hop… He enjoys the artform and got into it for that reason (ie, not to gain fame or sell vitamin water/energy drinks), and i like that he touches on older tracks which influenced him.

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