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The Last Fat Beat Diet

Sadly, my time on air at CJSW is drawing to a close. I’m moving away from Calgary so I’ll no longer be able to host the Fat Beat Diet. I’m incredibly thankful to have been invited into your homes, cars, and wherever else you listen to CJSW over the last 17 or so years or so. Join me one last time as I celebrate my time on air with you.

My LAST SHOW on CJSW will be Friday, September 15th.

Leading up to this are a couple of special themed episodes:

If you’re really heartbroken about the end of the show, I suggest you keep an eye on this blog. I suspect there will be some interesting development in the not too distant future for those that want to tune in online…


  1. Samson Lam

    Yes! Fat Beat Diet lives!!

  2. Christian

    Marco – I’ve been there with you since 2006. You’ve taken me through deployments and contracting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, all over the African continent and now we’re ending up here in South Sudan. Brother, thanks for keeping me going all of those years.. I don’t know what i’ll do without you! Keep low, keep moving and soft landings!

  3. Marco

    Hey Christian – Good to hear from you! Keep an ear out, exciting news coming shortly…

  4. Ian

    Thanks. Its been many years of great listening for me!

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