A few days after last week’s show I caught Mark Ronson’s performing Bang Bang Bang on Letterman.

Helping Ronson out on vocal duties are the always excellent Q-Tip and relative newcomer Amanda Warner of MNDR. I’m not super familiar with MNDR, but i kinda like the little that I’ve heard and she seems quite charming in this interview with The Fader.

However, as a bilingual Canadian, I do take issue with her mangling of the French language. I’ve heard Alouette enough times, even sung it a few times myself, but every time I hear Warner massacre the word plumerai, I die a little inside.

Thanks to my Canadian compatriot, I don’t ever have to hear it again. Vancouver’s U-tern added some disco snap to the original, and stripped it of the offending vocals. While I miss Q-Tip’s contributions, not having to hear the offending lyrics is well worth it (Which is why I played it on my last show).

I’ll let you judge for yourself however. You might not mind the original vocals as much as I do. U-tern’s offering up his version for free on his blog. You can find the original in its vocal glory here, at least for the moment. You should check out the official video for the song too, it’s pretty fun.