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This happened while I was on vacation, so that might explain why I’m so late to the party on sharing this info, but I wanted to give a shout out to the Shadow Shogun blog, a great blog run by none other than DJ/Beatsmith/Producer Metawon. Though born and raised in Calgary, he now makes his home in Vancouver and somehow finds the time to create wicked music, blog, and live a normal-seeming life.

Anyways, back in April, Shadow Shogun wrote a very complimentary article about us. As thanks, I highly encourage you all to visit his site regularly, buy his music and download all the music he suggests — he’s got fine tastes in music and blogs a lot more regularly than I do, so what’s not to like?

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  1. J

    Hey Marco,

    I’m sure CJSW is up on this already but just thought I’d tip you to KINGS GO FORTH. Soul/funk band out of Milwaukee.

    Saw them live last night. AWESOME. Great sound, with an old school feel.
    If you haven’t’ already, check em out. I think their style would play well with some of your sets.

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