Spring again, and I'm feelin fine
Pass me an ice-cold glass of wine
So I can get mellow
Lay back, and let my girl play the cello

Snatched those lyrics off of ohhla.com. They’re off of Nice ‘n Smooth‘s Funky for You, right after the ‘stick up kids is out to tax’ line, the line so nice i had to play it thrice… Well, I actually played it way more than that if you count all the times it’s scratched in on Gang Starr’s Just to Get a Rep. Whatever Nice ‘n Smooth, you had me at cello. Greg Nice and Smooth B just ooze summer on their self-titled debut. I mean, geez, the video for Early to Rise even has a pool party scene (and of course, matching silk pajama sets… younguns don’t know, but silk used to be big in rapper wardrobes in the early 90s. See Big Daddy Kane. Too damn smooth, indeed). And with this warm weather, and electrical storms and such, well, I guess I’m just feeling summery. Don’t blink. It won’t last.

And don’t sleep on Tanya Morgan or Tiye Phoenix, either. I’m really feelin’ Brooklynati, the former’s latest offering (watch a video of them talking about it, or peep the related, if somewhat obtuse site). And I’ve been feeling the Tiye Phoenix stuff since the minute I heard it. There’s a short clip buried in the middle of this video where tiye phoenix talks about the concept behind Too Late for Us, which I’ve been bumping for the last while as well.

K. ’nuff videos ‘n stuff. Here’s the show:

Too late! File removed (mp3 – 81Mb)